Booking Terms & conditions

Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Agreement

As a condition of our ability to provide you with Guiding Services for your trip, all Guests will be required to review, understand and to identify to us prior to booking any questions or concerns relating to our Waiver of Liability document prior to booking.

Upon arrival of the first day of your program with us, a physical copy of the Waiver of Liability document will be provided to you and must be signed and witnessed in the presence of one or our Guides or team to allow us to provide services to you (and your group).

We feel it is our responsibility to inform all our Guests, that you will be waiving certain legal rights by agreeing to, and signing, including the right to sue or claim compensation in the event of an incident during your time with us on the water. The waivers you will be making by agreeing to the terms of the document are onerous, and we encourage you to consider these with due care and attention prior to booking a trip with us.


Professionalism & Regulation in the Alberta Angling Industry:

Guided angling is very limited in it's regulation in the province of Alberta. When choosing an Outfitter or Guide we would strongly recommend looking for the presence of a Waiver of Liability document to be provided to you by any prospective trip provider prior to booking. The presence of a Waiver of Liability document, is an indicator that the Outfitter is properly insured and carries the required land use permits to provide services on many of the trout waters that anglers seek here in Alberta. Being properly insured protects both you and us in the event of an incident, and proper coverage is a condition of eligibility for Land Use Permits granted by the Province of Alberta. These permits are required for any Outfitter or Guide to provide services on any waters within the confines of provincially managed lands such as Provincial Parks or Recreation Areas. 

Payment Methods Accepted:

We will accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

For Trips or Programs where total costs exceed $10,000.00 CDN:

  • EFT's (Electronic Funds Transfers) will be required for payment,
    or a 3.5% transaction fee will be applied if you wish to pay by Credit Card. 

Prices as listed on our website do not include sales tax. During the checkout process applicable sales tax amounts wil be added to your order and visible in your cart prior to payment.

Guide Gratuities & Tipping:

Our view is that while a gratuity will always be appreciated, however is never expected by our team.

As we do get asked commonly for clarification on this; if you feel that your Guide has provided you with an experience deserving of a gratuity, amounts on average reflecting 10% - 15% of the total cost of the booking would be considered roughly about average in Canadian Guiding.

For Group or multi-boat trips, please provide all gratuities to your Lead Guide. We believe in supporting the whole team here, and all gratuities will be dispersed equitably amongst the Guides, as well as the support staff who work so hard to ensure the details behind the scenes for your trip run smoothly. 



Full payment of your trip is due at time of booking to reserve your Guide, boat(s) and equipment.

If we are required to cancel a program based on our inability to provide services, a full refund will be provided. Cloud Nine Guides will not be liable for other costs you incur outside those payable to Cloud Nine Guides, which include but are not limited to accommodation costs, transport costs, equipment rentals or meals. 

If you elect to cancel your booking with us more than 30 days in advance of your trip, 50% of total amounts paid will be non-refundable, while 50% will be refunded immediately via the same card or payment method used to book your trip initially.
Non refundable amounts can be used for a trip with us at a future date, pending availability to provide services, and credit forward will be applied to your order, provided your cancellation is received in writing more than 30 days in advance of the first day of your trip with us. 

Bookings, reservations or cancellation requests received inside 30 days from the first day of your trip or program with are ineligible for refund or credit forward.


Disruption to Trips & Relationships with our Guests:

Relationships with you, our Guests are everything in this line or work. If you feel an exception to any of these terms and conditions should be considered, or would like them considered prior to a booking with us we'd be happy to discuss this with you. Please provide us with more detail in writing as you require and we'll certainly consider some potential alternatives that may be available to the Booking Terms stated here. 



Cancellations or rescheduling of program dates initiated by our team which are based on mandates by governing bodies, in relation specifically to managing increased risk due to, but not limited to, adverse or extreme weather and conditions, fire, flood, epidemic, pandemic or other "act of god" type events, are not eligible for refundIn these instances, you will have the option carry paid amounts forward in credit, to rebook the same program with us at a later date without additional charge.

Critical Incident Response: 

A number of our Guides maintain professional levels of training in Mountain Rescue. If we are required to provide assistance to critical incidents taking place in the vicinity of our programs or operations, while exceptionally rare on the water, it should be expected there may be disruption to your program. This includes but is not limited to, cancellation of the program day, or cancellation of your entire program. In these instances a credit forward will be applied for a trip in future with us, however refunds will not be provided.

Possible Government Mandated Time of Day Restrictions for Anglers:

At times, the Government of Alberta may issue time of day restrictions for anglers to protect fish during periods where water temperatures are forecast to rise to critical levels. In the event these restrictions come into place, we will adjust start times, to begin early in the morning, allowing us to finish float sections prior to restrictions coming into effect daily. Guests who decline these alternative earlier start times will not be eligible for refund or credit forward. 

In the event a watershed is closed entirely due to adverse conditions, or implemented to protect fish populations, credit forward for a trip in future with us will be provided, however these circumstances will not be eligible for refund.

Why Are Certain Portions of my Trip Amounts Non-Refundable?

Long before we depart for a trip, a significant amount of time behind the scenes is invested by our staff in the logistical planning and preparation stages of your trip. Trips or programs may require that we secure, shuttles, food services, accommodation or transportation. We are required to invest our time in preparation and planning, which incurs cost, to ensure all logistics are adequately prepared for your program with us. Further, to ensure that we are able to maintain a high quality staff, we confirm their work by making financial commitments to them ahead of your trip with us. This process starts immediately (often the same day) after your booking and deposit is received.

The moment we begin to build a trip for our guests, we begin to incur the associated costs. Non-refundable amounts ensure compensation for the time we work prior to your trip with us, and to ensure the supporting elements required to provide your trip are in place well in advance.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

Safeguard your trip investment with us. 

We recognize that sometimes life happens, and when it does, this can impact your ability to join us for your program.

Lifestyle Financial is well accustomed to working with the specific needs of our Guests for our programs both domestic and international. These policies often cover both Trip Cancellation and Interruption as well as Emergency Medical and Mountain Rescue costs. We strongly suggest purchasing a policy, in particular for Guests arriving to join us from outside Canada.

Please note - we do not receive commission or payment for sale of these policies. We believe their important for you to consider, and as such include them here to review.

Contact our office for more information, or REQUEST A QUOTE.

Am I Required to Purchase Insurance?

For select programs coverage is required. For many of our programs coverage is optional but strongly recommended.

For Canadian Citizens on our Domestic Programs:

  • Coverage is not required.

For Foreign Guests on our Canadian Programs: 

  • Coverage is not required, but strongly recommended to include Emergency Medical Coverage & Mountain Rescue (Upper Bow Float Trips). 

For All Guests on International Programs:

  • Trip Cancellation & Emergency Medical is required at minimum, while some trips may require the need for Mountain Rescue coverage based on remoteness of trip locations.